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D2D Victory replacement Headlight Insert

  • $229.00 USD

The D2D Victory LED headlamp replacement

      • Headlamp with black or chrome backplate
      • Features a four high-beam projector lenses and 4 low beam lenses
      • Park lights provide additional viability 
      • Solid-state LEDs are designed for long life, and the shock-and vibration-resistant lamp assembly mounts into existing light housings
      • Plug-in lamps connect to the factory headlamp wiring
      • LED lamps are DOT approved 
      • Power: 60W
      • Voltage: 10-32V DC 
      • Lumens: Hi-3450lm, Lo-2800lm



      5th Anniversary Cross Country Tour
      Boardwalk, Classic LE
      Cory Ness Cross Country
      Cory Ness Cross Country Tour
      Cross Country
      Cross Country 8-Ball, Cross Country Magnum
      Cross Country Tour
      Cross Roads
      Cross Roads 8 Ball
      Cross Roads Classic
      Cross Roads Custom, Hammer
      Hammer 8-Ball
      Hammer S, Hard Ball
      Jackpot, Judge
      Kingpin 8-Ball
      Kingpin Deluxe
      Kingpin Tour
      Magnum, Magnum X1
      Magnum X-1 Stealth Edition
      Ness Cross Country
      Ness Jackpot
      Vegas 8-Ball
      Vegas Low
      Zach Ness Cross Country
      Zach Ness Vegas

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