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IQ-250 Photon Blaster for Daylight Running Lights, Controller Only

  • $74.95 USD

IQ-250 controller: (used in Photon Blaster system) Includes all necessary electrical connectors.

The IQ-250 replaces the IQ-150. It is easier to install and supports higher-power lamps.

The IQ-250-TS model is a dual channel controller that can power extra turn signals, or your bike's existing turn signals, turning them into bright marker lights. If the existing or add-on turn signals are LEDs, it also provides them with our unique, patented, and high effective conspicuity flicker. 

The IQ-250-A and IQ-250-A-TS incorporate our unique ALERT! feature, allowing you to rapidly modulate the brightness of the LEDs when you really need to be noticed. As a motorcyclist you hope oncoming traffic sees you when you approach a busy intersection, a car paused at a crossroad ahead on a rainy day, or a long line of commuters driving toward you on your way home at dusk. With our ALERT! feature, rather than just hoping they see you, you can take action. Just tap your brakes twice within one second and the lamps connected to the IQ-250-A or IQ-250-A-TS instantly respond with a brief, but highly conspicuous flashing sequence, like 4-way flashers on overdrive. The sequence takes less than two seconds, but you've just greatly improved your likelihood of being seen. 

Normal application of the brakes or a single tap will not trigger the ALERT! sequence, so it has no effect on your usual riding style.
Note: the horn, high beam, or a separate pushbutton may also be used to trigger the ALERT feature.


The IQ-250 can control any number of lamps drawing up to 6 amps. The IQ-250-TS model can support two channels (left and right), of up to 6 amps per channel.

Installation is quick and easy, and the controller can be used with any motorcycle. A comprehensive installation guide and all necessary connectors are included.

The Photon Blaster features:

Extremely bright LEDs, available in high-viz yellow or intense white.

Conspicuity flicker - unique, patented feature maximizes your visibility to other drivers, especially when they are not paying attention.

New ALERT! feature - flashes an extremely noticeable alert sequence to oncoming traffic when you tap your brakes twice.

Turn signal option - helps ensure oncoming traffic knows your intentions.

Expandable - you can add extra LED modules (Photon Boosters).

Universal lamp drive capability - convert your motorcycle's existing turn signals into bright marker lights.

Note: In Australia forward facing lights (Except Turn Signals) must be white in colour.


Options Available:

Alert Feature

Turn Signal Feature

Turn and Alert Feature


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