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IQ-270-A Intelligent High Beam Controller - With Alert

  • $69.95 USD

Eliminate the "one-eyed look" and have both headlights on while on low beam!

Most motorcycles with twin headlights only have one running while on low beam making your bike look like it has a blown bulb


The new IQ-270-A runs your high beam at a lower brightness until the high beam is switched on.  More light and a balanced look!

The IQ-270-A Intelligent High Beam Controller with Alert enables your bike’s high beam to operate at reduced brightness when the high beam is turned off and at 100% brightness when the high beam is turned on

  • The extra light provided makes your bike more visible and helps make your ride safer without the dangerous glare to oncoming traffic of a full high beam
  • If your bike has separate headlight lenses for high and low beam, the IQ-270-A will give your bike a more balanced appearance with both lenses illuminated
  • You select and program the brightness setting at which the high beam lens will operate when the high beam is off
  • The Alert Feature flashes the lamps in a highly visible pattern when the high beam is switched rapidly on and off twice, increasing your visibility to oncoming traffic. The sequence takes less than two seconds, but will greatly improve your likelihood of being seen. Normal application of the high beam or a single tap will not trigger the ALERT! sequence, so it has no effect on your usual riding style.


IQ-270-A controller - 1

Adhesive velcro squares - 2

Posi-Tap® connectors - 2

Posi-Twist® connector - 3

Installation manual - 1


  • Controller input voltage: 9-16 V dc
  • Controller current draw (red wire): 0.015 amps
  • Max high beam current: 12 amps (144 watts)
  • Maximum lamp operating voltage: 16 V
  • Programmable brightness range: 0-100% in 10% increments
  • Controller dimensions: L: 1.75" W: 1.31" H: 0.5"
  • Controller weight: 1 oz.
  • Fully compatible with CAN-bus

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