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Photon Blaster Kit with Optional Alert and Turn Signal Feature

Photon Blaster Kit with Optional Alert and Turn Signal Feature

  • $129.95 USD

Photon Blaster: Be Smart - Be seen

Now that lane filtering is legal in most states of Australia, the need to be seen is even more important! Noisy exhausts are one thing but that does not work with small bikes and scooters, being seen is better than being heard.

Finally, there is now a very effective, affordable and easy to install front visibility lighting system for your motorcycle.

The Photon Blaster is an extremely bright, highly conspicuous lighting system designed to mount on the front forks of your motorcycle. Its brightness and unique flicker dramatically increase your motorcycle's visibility to approaching traffic.

The Photon Blaster features:

Extremely bright LEDs, available in high-viz yellow or intense white.

Conspicuity flicker - unique, patented feature maximizes your visibility to other drivers, especially when they are not paying attention.

New ALERT! feature - flashes an extremely noticeable alert sequence to oncoming traffic when you tap your brakes twice.

Turn signal option - helps ensure oncoming traffic knows your intentions.

Expandable - you can add extra LED modules (Photon Boosters).

Universal lamp drive capability - convert your motorcycle's existing turn signals into bright marker lights.

Note: In Australia forward facing lights (Except Turn Signals) must be white in colour.


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