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ST Lights - Supplementary Turn Signal System

  • $134.95 USD

When riding a motorcycle it is vital that traffic around you know exactly what your intentions are.

Unfortunately, motorists have a well known tendency to not notice motorcycles. To make matters worse, many motorcycles have small, inconspicuous turn signals compared to cars. Connecting additional lamps is often difficult as it can upset the bike's lamp monitoring circuit or signal flasher relay.

That's where Skene Design's ST Lights come in. The ST Lights system provides supplementary, highly visible, LED turn signals to the front, back or side of your motorcycle, without affecting the bike's electrical system.

The system consists of an intelligent controller and a pair of intensely bright yellow or red LED modules. It draws only a tiny current from these wires, less than ½ milliamp, and so will not affect your bike's electronics, including CANBUS systems, or the operation of the turn signal flasher. The LEDs exactly mimic the turn signals on the motorcycle, including the 4-way flasher.


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