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D2D Cree 3.2" 40W LED & HEX ezCAN Accessory Manager for the BMW R1200GS Oil Cooled

  • $470.00 USD

D2D Cree 3.2" 40W LED & HEX ezCAN Accessory Manager Kit

Super bright, tough and compact LED featuring a die-cast aluminium alloy heatsink housing with an unbreakable polycarbonate front cover. Thanks to the deep optic reflector lens, the beam length on these lights is incredible for the lumen output. This spotlight can almost reach half a kilometre! Inside each model are 4 next-generation CREE XM-L2 10W LEDs, driven by high-end PWM driver circuitry that protects the LED from over temperature and extends the operating life.


• IP68 waterproof
• Shockproof

• 50,000-hour life
• Instant ON/OFF
• Beam pattern: Spot or Flood (Combo 1 Spot 1 Flood)
• Lumen output: 4000
• Operating voltage: 9-36VDC
• Operating temperature: -40°C to + 60°C
• Dimensions: 83W) x 96.5(H) x 65(D)mm
• Beam Angle Spot 10' Flood 40'


    CREE XM-L2 10W LED
    40 watt

    4000 lumens
    9 - 36V DC
    IP68 waterproof
    CNC’d 6xxx aluminum series housing
    Optical PC lens
    5500 - 6000K ( amber is available)
    Reverse voltage protection
    Over/ under voltage protection
    Without RFI/ EMC interference
    Beam Angle 45' flood and 10' spot beam
    Equivalent Traditional Globe 200W
    LED Lifespan 50000hr
    LED Type CREE XM-L2 10W LED

    Environmental Conditions:

    UV resistant
    Water resistant
    Operating temp min -40°C
    Operating temp max 60°C


    HEX ezCAN BMW R1200 Oil Head Accessory Manager

    Simplify adding electrical components to your motorcycle and customize their functions with the HEX ezCAN accessory manager for your oil cooled BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RS, R1200R and R1200RT. This device is ready to power left and right auxiliary lights on individual, high power, 10 amp continuous to 25 amp peak output circuits as well as an auxiliary brake light and accessory power on separate, low power, 4 amp output. All you need to do is install the ezCAN under your seat with the included Velcro, route and connect the pre-connected battery cables, plug the ezCAN into the motorcycle CAN-Bus with the factory type connectors and plug your accessories into the four color coded outputs. Since this unit listens directly to the factory CAN-Bus system, there is no need to install extra switches for your auxiliary lights or horn as the ezCAN interprets commands from your motorcycle’s existing controls, including the rotary Multi Controller ("Wunder wheel") adjacent to the left switch cluster. With the free, downloadable, MAC or Windows PC compatible HEX ezCAN software, you can also modify your setup with your computer via a waterproof USB connection to modify which devices receive high or low power, power an auxiliary horn as well and control the functionality of your auxiliary lighting, brake lights, or accessories to meet your needs and preferences. Put the “can” into adding powered equipment your motorcycle’s CAN-Bus system with the feature rich ezCAN Accessory Manager by HEX Code.


    The downloadable Mac and Windows PC versions of the HEX ezCAN software allows configuration and mapping of the 4 color coded output channels.

    The red and orange high power output channels as well as the yellow and white low power output channels can each be independently mapped with one of 3 function combinations.

    Function mapping combinations:

    • Default setting of high power left Auxiliary Light, high power right Auxiliary Light, low power Auxiliary Brake Light and low power Accessory Power
    • Optional setting of high power Auxiliary Horn, high power Accessory Power, low power left Auxiliary Light  and low power right Auxiliary Light
    • Optional setting of high power Auxiliary Horn, high power left and right side Auxiliary Lights on splitter, low power Auxiliary Brake Light and low power Accessory Power

    With the configuration software, each function is highly customizable with plenty of options to ensure your safety and preference needs are met.

    Auxiliary Light function options include:

    • Fuse setting
    • Low beam daytime brightness control
    • Low beam night time brightness control
    • High beam daytime brightness control
    • High beam night time brightness control
    • Off when turn signal active option - turns the corresponding auxiliary lights off when a turn signal is active to prevent washout of the turn signal
    • Strobe when horn active option - strobes auxiliary lights when horn is active
    • Strobe on "flash to pass" option - strobes auxiliary lights 3 times when flash to pass is activated by pressing high beam 3 times quickly
    • Inverse flashing when hazards active option - flashes hazards and auxiliary lights alternately to prevent washout of the hazard flashers
    • Auxiliary lighting flash intensity control

    All Auxiliary Lights can be toggled on or off by holding the turn signal cancel button for 3 seconds and brightness can also be controlled by the BMW Multicontroller or "Wonder Wheel" at any time.

    Auxiliary Brake Light function options include:

    • Fuse setting
    • Auxiliary rear light brightness
    • Auxiliary brake light brightness
    • No flashing option - standard brake lighting
    • Flash on braking option - auxiliary brake light flashes under any active braking
    • California legal flashing option - auxiliary brake light flashes 4 times at 4Hz then remains on during active braking
    • Emergency stop signal option - auxiliary brake light flashes during deceleration regardless of braking
    • California legal with Emergency Stop Signal option - combination of California legal when braking and Emergency Stop Signal during non braking deceleration

    Accessory Power function options include:

    • Fuse setting
    • Delay time-out settings


    • Download and install the Mac or Windows PC software here
    • Mount the ezCAN under your motorcycle's pillion seat
    • Route and connect the negative and positive battery wires to your motorcycle's battery
    • Plug the ezCAN into the RDC control connection on your motorcycle's CAN-bus, either in-line or capped
    • Connect your electronic accessories to the four color coded output connections
    • Configure the ezCAN based on your needs and preferences


    • Waterproof and dust-proof
    • Single switch control of devices
    • Enables additional safety features
    • Will not void warranty
    • Plugs into and is compatible with existing CAN-Bus system
    • Configurable via USB with Mac and PC software
    • 4 output channels with fuse protection
    • Waterproof micro USB connector
    • Battery connection with fuse
    • 2 CAN-Bus connectors for in line connecting
    • 2 high power outputs (10A continuous / 25A max 20 seconds)
    • 2 low power outputs (4A continuous)
    • Device measures 2.2in long by 1.2in wide by 0.6in thick


    • HEX ezCAN device
    • Micro USB cable
    • Two Velcro strips
    • Four cable ties
    • Four stub connectors
    • Two blank connectors


    • BMW R - Series R1200 GS
    • BMW R - Series R1200 GS ADV
    • BMW R - Series R1200 R
    • BMW R - Series R1200 RT





    Each kit contains:

    2 x D2D Cree 3.2" LED Spotlights
    HEX ez CAM Accessory Manager
    Mounting bracket 360 ° universal adjustment bracket

    Install Guide

    Click here to see installation

    Optional Photon Blaster Led Modules

    Each module consists of 12 high-brightness LEDs mounted in a waterproof housing. A 4mm stainless steel mounting bolt protrudes 7.5mm (0.3") from the rear of the housing and is designed to work with a variety brackets available from us (link), or your own mounting bracket. Sold as a pair.

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