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Trike Cruise

Whether you ride a cruiser, a tourer or a sports bike, you can ride further, in more comfort and safety with our cruise control. If you can't get to the places you like without having a cramped right wrist, stiff neck and aching back - this product is for you!

Or if you're 'older' - like me - and your body can't quite keep up with your imagination - we built this for you! I'm 'getting on' - not dead! My cruise allows me to keep doing the things I like, going to the places I still want to see on my bike - in relative comfort and with enough energy to enjoy the trip and the destination.

If you're not quite sure what's more important - your partner or your bike - our cruise helps with both. You'll both enjoy the trip more if he/she comes with you. And if they don't, you'll be more energetic when you return home!

Contact us for more information - or better still - find someone with a MotorCycle Setup Cruise Control and ask them what they think. It's worth every cent!

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