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ATV Agricultural Quad Cruise


If your business involves spraying or spreading using an   ATV, our new 'QuadCruise' will take the pain out of hours of careful speed control.

This product provides ergonomic, economic and environmental benefits to the man on the land and contract sprayers alike.

Extremely accurate, low-speed control integrated with spray system power supply, lets you setup the optimum bike speed to match the required flow rate for your application

Resume functions allow you to run the same settings regardless of who is operating the machine - day after day, week in week out, season after season. Alternatively it's extremely quick and easy to re-adjust the speed for different applications. 


Many industries rely on precise vehicle control. Mapping, geological surveying, and mineral exploration come to mind, but perhaps none more than agriculture. Farming was almost certainly the world’s first industry and it remains fundamental to our lives.   Precision land management is nothing new, but today it is more important than ever as farmers reach for higher yields while managing expenses and caring for the environment. The QuadCruise is a powerful new tool to help make that happen. Here is what the QuadCruise brings to the field:

  • Extremely accurate low speed control, even over rough terrain. QuadCruise claims accuracy is within +/- 0.3mph (+/- 0.5kph) between 2mph (3kph) and 15mph (25kph). Independent testing at University level has reported accuracy within +/-  0.1 mph  (+/- 0.16 kph)
  • Available for many different models, and specific to each. Not a generic kit!
  • Dash / handlebar mounted control for activating system and setting speed
  • New Bluetooth module developed with apps for Android and iPhone allows for complete system monitoring. It can even monitor consumables!
  • SpeedSafe module compatible! SpeedSafe can be added for rider safety, OSHA compliance, and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Dealer direct availability. Makes support from McCruise immediate and accurate
  • Kit includes everything needed for installation and a highly detailed set of instructions.
  • No special tools needed for installation. Normal tools used for vehicle wiring and installing accessories such as lights, radios, etc. are all that is needed.
  • Installation leaves a clean, factory finished look

For more information contact sales@d2daccessories,com


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