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Black Knight Security Systems

What's protecting your car, motorcycle, RV or power sports vehicle? Introducing Black Knight’s X-3 and Z-3 real-time GPS tracking system

Engineered to be rugged, versatile, powerful and most importantly simple. That means no buttons and wires, no replaceable SIM – just a single on/off button, a micro-USB 5V input
and a compact shell size small enough to hide almost anywhere. The X-03 is designed for the motorcycle, RV, caravan, trailer, ATV and watercraft, the Z-3 is designed for the automotive car, truck and  4WD vehicles. 

 Small and easy to conceal
Disconnect Alert
No Sim Card required
Movement Alert
No initial hardware outlay
Full GPS Tracking
Internal Battery
iOS and Android App

D2D Black Knight Premium Rental Plan 

$A35.00 all inclusive for 24 months*

*For Australian and NZ Customers

Premium Plan

24 Monthly Payments of $35.00
24 month warranty
24/7 monitoring and tracking
Free iOS and Android App
Free Web interface tracking link
BK $500 Theft Warranty (Australia/NZ only)
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Black Knight Basic Tracking Kit

  • Black Knight X-3 or Z-3 GPS tracker
  • Built-in ion lithium battery
  • 12-24V hard-wiring transformer
  • 5V USB cable
  • Silicone cover
  • ID card
  • BK $500 Theft Warranty (Australia/NZ only)







    X-3 and Z-3 real-time GPS tracking system includes

    • Unlimited data usage
    • 15-second position updates, for extreme accuracy
    • 12-month playback history
    • Global GPS/GSM connectivity
    • Professional fleet monitoring for your business 
    • Instant connectivity in over 200 countries via smartphone, tablet or web
    • ‘Geofence’ security alarm, alerting you of theft or movement outside a zone
    • Fully supported by law enforcement, who can assist in rapid theft recovery
    • Flexible data management tools
    • Free app for iOS and Android
    • In-built semiconductor chip (no removable/replaceable SIM card)
    • For your security, tracker cannot be reused without receipt of subscription payment
    • Specialised fitment and service (at participating dealerships)
    • Service available in Australia and New Zealand
    • Other countries will come online in due course

    Technical Specs

    • GPS repositioning: 15 seconds
    • GPS accuracy: 5-10 metres
    • Dimensions: 35 x 33 x 17mm (Z-09)
    • 64 x 38 x 9mm (Z-15)
    • Weight: 24g
    • Internal battery: Rechargeable Lithium 3.7V 520maH
    • Internal battery life: 24 hours
    • Hard-wiring transformer: 12/24V to 5V
    • Input: USB 5V 500mA



    Installation Notes Global GPS